Surviving Christmas


  • Tip 1
  • You don’t have to like Christmas, it’s all over in TWO weeks.
  • Make contact with family and friends now and sort out any issues, so you don’t have to on the Big Day
  • Tip 2
  • If everyone is winding down and cutting out their marketing, should you be increasing yours?
  • If you close for 2 weeks and then take a couple of weeks to get “back into it” – do the numbers – what would that mean to your cashflow?
  • Tip 3
  • Drink less than you did last year, especially at the work’s do!
  • You’ll feel better, save money and won’t need to remember what you and Mary from accounts got up to!!
  • Tip 4 –
  • Presents
  • Remember the staff and/or clients that have helped your grow your business all year.
  • Buy some lollies to have on the counter to give to customers.
  • Who else helped you this year that you’d like to say thanks to
  • Have a couple of small, just in case presents, for someone you weren’t expecting
  • Tip 5
  • Remember what started it all.
  • Even if you’re not religious take some time to acknowledge the spiritual side of your live.
  • Re-focus and re- energize your self.
  • Tip 6
  • Remember you don’t HAVE stress you DO stress!
  • Choose not to!!!
  • Tip 7
  • Have Fun!!
  • And
  • Enjoy Christmas!!

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