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Developing your Marketing Knowledge, Building a Marketing Plan and Online Marketing can all be hard work but attend this workshop and gain all the knowledge you need to better market and grow your business into 2013-14 and beyond.

This 3 ¼ Hour workshop will assist you to understand marketing and teach you how to better promote you and your business.

For this workshop I have brought together some great SA Specialists whose focus is on growing YOUR Business:

Glen Davie

“Since the age of 16 Glen has had a passion for writing and storytelling which continues today.

In 2004 Glen began his career in the sign industry selling printing equipment and developed expertise in teaching sign writers about colour management and printer profiling to achieve excellent colour.

By 2008 Glen had set up his own sign business catering for both retail and trade sign printing for other sign businesses.

Along the way he recognised that most business owners do not properly understand the importance of their visual presence and how it should be deployed across their signs, web, social media, and printed materials.

More importantly, while some businesses engage in good branding, branding is only the beginning of their marketing presence.

Through story telling Glen either creates or takes existing branding and engages the end user, which opens the door for repeat business, and great referrals. He does this for businesses, and for individual services and products. “

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Paul Segneri

Paul Segneri is the co-founder of OzWog Productions and his extensive experience in marketing, mixed with his creative ideas and technical expertise in video production brings together the perfect mix of talent to provide you with the best experience possible. Paul heads up a creative team of producers, writers and directors to ensure that every project receives the attention it deserves. His awards for sales and customer service, along with his “everything is possible” attitude will keep your business on the cutting edge.

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George Koritsa

Award Winning Business and Executive Coach

George’s first exposure to ActionCOACH was as a client. After 14 years in his retail business, working 50 hours a week and then doing “Admin”, doing everything himself. He engaged a coach who showed him how to increase profitability, average $ sale, margin, conversion rate and more…

After just 13 months of being coached, George was able to step OUT of his business AND still make money. Now George teaches other business owners how to achieve the same as he did.

Your local specialists do NOT live out of a suitcase! We are locals just like you – we want SA and SA businesses just like yours to grow and  prosper. So book in TODAY!

Workshop details

Date: Wednesday 31st July 2013

Time: 6.45 pm until 10.00 pm

Where: Regal Park Motor Inn, 44 Barton Terrace East, North Adelaide

Cost $35 inc GST (includes Tea/Coffee plus Workbook )

To register, please CLICK HERE and complete the Registration Form.

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