The Ten Most Important Things You Should Know About ActionCOACH Business Coach…

  1. As a Certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH, George has  studied as a Business Coach, Seminar Presenter and Business Trainer;
  2. He has many year business experience both here and in the UK, plus undertaken courses in Business, Management, Leadership, Business Planning, Time Management and Personal Development. George is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP);
  3. George has a passion to see all businesses become thriving enterprises and has a love for small to medium sized businesses;
  4. He is a family man with three grown up kids and a fantastic wife, he is also an active member of  several Business Associations;
  5. Prior to being chosen to become an Action Coach, George was the Owner/Operator of a very successful Business in the Retail industry for nearly 15 years;
  6. The success of his own Business is not due only to his management and leadership qualities but also to the systems, planning and strategies that he put into place that enabled the Business to run autonomously;
  7. George strongly believes in Professional and personal development by reading at least one business/personal development book a month.  He is passionate about sharing what he learns with the people he comes in contact with, and has considerable products to help clients increase their knowledge, focus, motivation, work/life balance and to manage change;
  8. George has travelled overseas and has visited more than 12 countries.  This balance and experience shines through in his coaching style;
  9. He believes in the correlation between sport and business, in that every successful sports person has a coach and so should every aspiring business owner;
  10. George strongly believes in the benefits of every business working with a Business Coach. Providing non biased advice he will be your Training Co-ordinator, Marketing Manager, Sales Director, Confidant, Mentor, Friend and help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true…