Above and Below the Line

Below the Line

Below the line people do 3 things…

1.  Blame Who do people blame?

A – Anyone they possibly can the government, the economy, their mother-in-law, their staff, their neighbor, their competition.

Q – How many of you know people that do the blame game? Q – How many kids do it? Q – Who do they learn it from by the way? Isn’t that interesting…

2.  Excuses – The second thing that people do below the line is that they come up with a whole lot of Excuses. Q – How many of you know someone that is an expert at doing that? By the way a fancy word for excuses is reasons. The reason I did this…

3. Denial

Reminds me of a story

One of my fellow coaches worked with a friend in a business. The friend initially approached him and said, “I need you to take a look at my business.” He took a look at his financials and his friend had not made a profit in the 18 months he had been in business. So, he said “So you are going broke…” The friend responded, “Oh no, we just haven’t made a profit recently.” Talking about a state of denial.

This is important because so many people do this.  So those 3 things I call playing below the line.

Q – How many people of done this in the past?

Above the Line

So let’s take a look at what is above the line.

The first thing we do above the line is

1.  We take ownership.

See, what is ownership?  It is a combination of two words. Own and Ship. You have your own ship and you’ve got to steer it.

2.  We are totally accountable for our results.

Q – When you own a business with a team or lead a team can you be accountable for the team without being responsible for their tasks?

A – Absolutely, however so many business owners find themselves responsible for all the tasks.

3- Responsible – So, that brings me to the third word which is YOU are responsible for YOUR actions.  You are accountable for the results and you are responsible for your actions.

Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility is above the line.

Above and below the line

bove and below the line

So what do we call people below the line?  VICTIMS – normally very negative people

What do we call those above the line? VICTORS – very positive people who have a great outlook.


Most of the world’s population lives below the line. The rest are the successes in life.


So  make a choice whether or not to play above the line?

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