Is Networking worthwhile for your business?

Recently I attended an open type networking event, you know the ones, you walk around the room meeting different people and trying to build rapport and find out more about them in only a few minutes!

I had one guy walk up to me and introduce himself to me – his opening line was something like this:-

My name is ABC and I’m working  for these idiots called XYZ ltd, and because of their mismanagement they can’t afford to keep in on, so I’m looking for work. Do you know of any?

Of course, I’m wondering why would a company send someone to an event without first deciding if he/she is the best person to present the company?

So I thought I’d give you some tips went your networking

  • Who is the best person to  represent your company?
  • Who do you want to meet?
  • Why are you attending the event- to find prospects, service providers or for the drinks?
  • Be you, you have to be congruent to who you are, some will be comfortable with you, some might not be.
  • Talk to people you don’t know, sometimes we get caught up with people we’ve met before, it’s comfortable but not always profitable, of course, acknowledge them, spend a minute or 2 with them and move on. An easy way to ‘escape’ is to introduce them to someone you’ve already met.
  • If there’s a benefit to you both, organise a catch up before you move off.
  • Connect with everyone on Linked In and send them a “great to meet you” email.

Remember networking is about meeting people not businesses, be personable.

Have fun networking


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  1. Jekkersbunk says:

    Cool always done then you need to take the article, once even in your personal life helped!

    Develop and with the last Christmas to you all!

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